GoPro Android Capture app, you are destroying the experience

GoPro has been slowly updating their app experience on Android and slowly making things more annoying. Their latest product is the ‘Capture’ app which seems to be the only app offering available on Android. This app starts out with requiring you to sign in to your GoPro account. Following this, they try to sell you onto another app or service. I do not use my GoPro frequently so when I do, I must sign into the Capture app every time, then dismiss all their ads for other products. I use the Capture app to check the view of my GoPro which I find very helpful. The GoPro itself has a password for WiFi remote control, so we already have security there.

Here is my feedback to GoPro sent using the Capture app:

Why oh why do you make me sign in to use this app? I use this app simply to view and check my GoPro line of sight. After making several adjustments I’m good to go and I am done with this app. Signing into this app requires me to also log into LastPass my password manager to copy and paste my cryptic password into your app. Maybe you have combined too many things into one app. You probably can’t remove the dependency on account login at this point. So my advice, break features out into separate apps. What? Too many apps will confuse people? Probably and those people shouldn’t touch anything electronic to begin with. But me, I can handle it without confusion.

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