GoPro Android Capture app, you are destroying the experience

GoPro has been slowly updating their app experience on Android and slowly making things more annoying. Their latest product is the ‘Capture’ app which seems to be the only app offering available on Android. This app starts out with requiring you to sign in to your GoPro account. Following this, they try to sell you […]


Systemd services do not respect the settings in limits.conf or limits.d files.

We ran into a need to increase file descriptors for RabbitMQ running on RHEL 6. The simple solution was to add a file owned by root to /etc/security/limits.d/ 85-rabbitmq.conf # Default limit for rabbitmq which needs more # file handles than the default user settings rabbitmq soft nofile 49152 rabbitmq hard nofile 49152 And after […]